SALE Quizpedia 80’s: The Ultimate Book of Trivia

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80s Quizpedia: The Ultimate Book of Trivia

Author Aisling Coughlan

How well do you remember the ’80s? This book will put your trivia to the test.

It’s been a whopping three decades since we left the ’80s behind, but it just keeps coming back to us, no matter how far we try to run! From the giant shoulder pads that just passed you on the street to Gen Z’s newfound love for The Golden Girls, the ’80s is a decade that will not quit.
Who could forget the rise of "Hulkamania," Madonna, and our favorite heroes in a half shell? But while it’s hard not to love a decade that gave us Indiana Jones, Run-DMC, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Molly Ringwald, can you remember what car Axel Foley drove? Or what Madonna song hit the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1983 and changed everything?
Your memory will be put to the ultimate test, with 450 questions about the movies, television shows, bands, and trends that we all loved—and regret. It’s time to slip on those Aviators, pop on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack (on cassette, of course), and head down memory lane.

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