Liquid Marseille Soap by COMPAGNIE DE PROVENCE, 16oz

$ 28

Liquid Marseille soap by COMPAGNIE DE PROVENCE in a plastic pump dispenser. This plastic bottle size fits any bathroom, saves space for smaller sinks and bathrooms. Makes the perfect hand wash. Also suitable as a body wash, the plastic pump is especially recommended while sudsing up for bath time & in the shower. The recyclable plastic bottle is practical & unbreakable and can be reused.

Saponified in a cauldron according to tradition, our liquid soap is enriched with vegetable oils and turns into a fine foam that gently cleanses the skin. Olive, grape seed and sweet almond oils are sourced from partnerships with local producers in France who have historically practice traditional and natural farming techniques. Free of coloring agents and animal fats.

Aromatic Lavender - Aromatic scent revealing all the elegance and the power of lavender, created in Grasse.

Fig of Provence - A delicious and suave fragrance. Notes of a sweet, and gourmet fruit tell the complicated story of the 'Fig of Provence', created in Grasse.

This fun design will look great in your kitchen or bathroom.

Made in France