McAlpine: Romantic Modernism Hardcover Book

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McAlpine: Romantic Modernism

A celebration of the recent work of McAlpine, the award-winning architecture and interior design firm, with a collection of residences that embrace modernism, classicism, and romanticism.

The work of renowned Southern interior design firm McAlpine has always communicated the power of romanticism, speaking directly to the heart through the beauty and poetry of the home. Tapping diverse influences, the residences draw on architectural languages ranging from Elizabethan and Old Dutch to colonial Caribbean and agrarian American. The book opens with Bobby McAlpine’s own newly designed house, featuring exquisite spaces that are modern in expression but classical in order and balance.

Other projects include a white-on-white neoclassical pavilion by the sea in the Bahamas, a masonry dwelling in the rolling hills of Virginia, a quintessential American country house in Tennessee that combines the familiarity of a farmhouse with crisp minimalism, and an exuberant house sited on the edge of a pastoral golf course in Alabama. Freely choosing from architecture’s treasury, McAlpine creates houses that are familiar, bold, and surprising all at the same time—reflecting the complexity of the human experience.

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